Photographic Exhibition


by Luciano Vranich

Exhibition in the Lower Lounge area at:
Penrith Central Library
601 High Street, Penrith
Exhibition dates: Monday 29th April 2019 – Monday 10th June 2019

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Freedom is an aspiration to achieve for any human being suffering inhumane conditions in an environment one is
currently situated.

Free from oppression, free from hunger, free from persecution, free to desire a better life.

To achieve the dream to be free one has to escape the nightmare of oppression, the nightmare of hunger, the
nightmare of torture, the nightmare of genocide.

There is always a price to be paid.

The price to escape and be shot at while escaping, the price to be paid while trying to find a new country that says
you are a queue jumper, the price to be paid while you are left in a centre for years, the price to be paid while your
children suffer the agony of no future because you dared to dream of a better future.

The nightmare continues while the political wolves snare at you with malevolent eyes. You are not a human being,
you are just a statistic.

There is no soul in a statistic, there is no soul in numbers, there is no soul where there is no human contact.
Look me in the eye and see my humanity, look at my clothes and see the want of being poor.

Touch my skin and feel the throb of my humanity.

If only you could walk with me and share my despair, if only you would offer me a drink of water to assuage my
thirst, then I would know you knew me as a human being