This is about my journey in life through photography. I have been doing photography since the 1980s starting with B/W film and have had acceptances at national and international salons.

I have tried portraits, landscapes, seascapes none of which have satisfied my curiosity to a great extent.

A major change occurred when I explored still life and street photography. Every Wednesday myself and a small group of friends visit the city of Sydney and suburbs.

Still life has been a challenge which I explored and continue to so to find expressive ways of image making.

Some of these attempts came together with the festival of photography in Sydney known as HeadOn. To date I have had seven solo exhibitions.

  • 2013 Journey with my mother
  • 2014 Wednesday Walks
  • 2015 Original Sin to Crucifixion
  • 2016 Shadows
  • 2017 Sydney my City
  • 2018 Entrapment